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Water Damage Restoration Salt Lake City

water-damage-restorationWater damage comes in many forms. It may be a one-time indoor flooding due to a busted water pipe, broken sump pump, or malfunctioning appliance, and it can be a seemingly minor moisture problem that could creep up to become a major mold devastation. At 24/7 Water Damage Salt Lake City we resolve all types of water damage concerns with efficient speed that will help prevent major damage that could cause even bigger expenses.

Water damage spreads fast, and not having it treated right away will cause even more trouble. Mold sets in within 48 hours of continuous water exposure, corrosion can take place in metallic fixtures, and wood can expand and paint may chip within days of continuous submersion. If a property owner will not act fast, damage can further set in and cause irreversible destruction in furnishings, appliances, and the building structure.

Water Damage Restoration Service – 24/7 Emergency Experts

Water damage can take place anytime, in any part of the house. Here are some possible causes of water damage:

  1. Severe weather disturbances – Flashfloods, typhoons, hurricane, tornadoes, tsunami-causing earthquakes, snow storms and the like can cause flooding that can enter any home. When this happens basements get submerged in flood, furnishing and appliances sustain damage, and carpeting can get wet.
  2. Roof Leak problems – Trouble with the roofing system can cause water damage in walls, other structures of the home, carpet flooring, and furnishings in the house.
  3. Plumbing issues – plumbing emergencies can take place anytime especially when the home plumbing system is aging and is ill-maintained. Leaking pipes, dripping faucets, overflowing tubs and toilets, drainage clogs, and sewer backups are common issues that cause water damage. The winter season can also cause frozen pipes that can even burst and cause instantaneous indoor flooding.
  4. Overflowing natural bodies of water – Overflowing dams, rivers, and creeks can inundate a home within its vicinity. Unfortunately this is beyond the control of any property owner. And with climate change, things can get even more unpredictable.
  5. Fires. Fire incidents can become a cause of water damage as the water that is used to extinguish it can cause indoor flooding. This type of water damage could just be one of the worst types because it can come from any direction, and soak up every fixture and furnishing in sight.
  6. Plumbing emergencies within the community. A burst pipeline or a blocked sewage line can cause flooding within a neighborhood that can flow through homes. Such incidents are unavoidable, and unfortunately, the flood water it brings about are very unsanitary.

At 24/7 Water Damage Salt Lake City we restore water damage caused by any water source. Our team of licensed and expert technicians are all well-trained and vastly experienced when it comes to water damage restoration. There is no water damage problem that we have not resolved and we act quickly if only to salvage your property’s structure and your belongings.

We offer a whole range of flood restoration solutions that are made available to all Salt Lake City Homes and neighboring areas 24 hours a day seven days a week via our emergency hotline. We can help you from the water extraction phase, down to the drying, sanitation and disinfection level, up to the whole restoration phase of your property and your salvageable belongings.

Here are some of the water damage restoration services we offer in Salt Lake City:

  • Emergency Service Calls
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Insurance is okay
  • Same-Day Service
  • Water Pumping and Removal
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Damage Restoration
  • Dehumidifying Home
  • Sewage Odor Removal
  • Flood Damage Repair
  • Flood Restoration
  • Water Extraction
  • Dry Out Service
  • Pack-Out Service
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Storm Flooding
  • Carpet Dry-outs
  • Carpet Dry
  • Bubbling paint and dry-wall
  • Moisture detection
  • Moisture Removal
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Sewage Removal
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Standing Water
  • Flood Service

We certainly know that response time is very much critical when it comes to dealing with water damage. And this is the reason why we endeavor top respond to your service call as prompt as we can – usually within 60 minutes from the time you call us up in our hotline. Our team of water damage restoration technicians are fully equipped with modern and state of the art water damage restoration technology that help us operate safely, efficiently and as fast as we can.

Here are some of the modern equipment that we use to respond to your service call:

  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Water extraction hardware
  • Water claws
  • Turbo wall vents
  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air scrubbers
  • Moisture detection equipment

While waiting for our water damage restoration team to arrive in your home at Salt Lake City, we advise you to do the following if you feel it is safe to do so:

  1. Ensure the safety of the whole family and other members of the household. Do not forget your pets as well.
  2. Turn off the main power line to avoid electrical accidents such as electrical shock, and even electrocution.
  3. Unplug all appliances to prevent further damage.
  4. If the cause of water damage is a plumbing system failure, turn off the main water valve.
  5. Save what can be saved, and move whatever can be safely removed from inundation.
  6. Remove water manually if you are able to do so, but never use vacuum machines as these will cause even more trouble.

For any of your water damage concerns, call us up now and we will attend to your concerns promptly.

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