Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a great place to spend a weekend in whether one is travelling alone, travelling with a loved one, the whole family, or with friends.

The many attractions that this city in Utah offers will definitely ensure that the weekend will turn out to be a jam-packed but happy couple of days that have been well-spent.

Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Salt Lake City

For first timers, a place that should not be missed is the Great Salt Lake. “Clocking in at approximately 1,700 square miles, the Great Salt Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River. The lake’s name comes from the nature of the water: The evaporation process (the only exit available for the lake’s water) leaves behind salty mineral deposits. Salt Lake City’s visitors and residents enjoy the area’s many hiking trails, ample picnic spots and boating and fishing opportunities. According to recent visitors, the Great Salt Lake is also excellent for swimming and for spotting wildlife – including bison – on the way to the park.” Check out the continuation of this article here.

Tips for Family Trips meantime published a list of things to do for families when visiting SLC. For young families, it recommended touring the Wheeler Farm. “This free urban farm is especially good for younger families. Wheeler Farm is a working farm and visitors are welcome to visit the cows, horses, chickens, pigs, sheep and other farm animals during daylight hours. There is a fee for activities like wagon rides, milking the cows, house tours and for special events. This 19th century farm has been preserved at 6351 South 900 East.” Read about the other recommended attractions here. meantime described Salt Lake City, Utah as one of the most affordable cities to tour within the United States. Skiing is one of its suggested activities for a weekend in the city. “You’ll notice Utah’s license plates lay claim to “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” at least when they’re not covered in snow. It’s one hell of a boast, but science says hear ‘em out. Downhill skiers favor a particular kind of middle-wet snow that blends the better qualities of dry powder and heavier snowpack. As storms move east from the Pacific, through the mountains, and then across the Great Salt Lake, the conditions align for huge dumps of perfect snow to absolutely plaster Salt Lake City’s ski resorts. Of which there are no fewer than 11 within an hour of the airport, four of which are world-class.” The continuation of this article can be found here.

When visiting Salt Lake City over a weekend, one must definitely try the above-mentioned activities.

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