Where to Find the Best Donuts in Salt Lake City

When one is craving for insanely delicious donuts, Salt Lake City is definitely a place to explore. With the many donut shops in the area, one is bound to find the donut that they have long been searching for in terms of taste and flavor.

Where to find the best donuts in Salt Lake CityI Live Donuts has a list of top donut destinations to eat at. Beyond Glaze donuts is among their list of top five donut places to explore in SLC. “The Salt Lake City outpost of this small Utah chain has the same commitment to “celebrating life through food” as the other locations. The donuts at Beyond Glaze are consistently tasty and also beautifully decorated and presented (after all, the owners started out as wedding cake makers many years ago), which make them a perfect treat for baby and wedding showers, office get-togethers, or birthday parties. Local favorites include bacon maple, s’mores, royal mint, and coconut creme. If you really fall in love with their donuts you can even open up your own franchise location.” Read about the four other donut shops in their list here. also has its share of recommended donut shops to check out. Vosen’s is one of the donut places that they are betting on. “This legendary German bakery just moved to a pretty new location in Downtown Salt Lake. And that’s not the only new thing at Vosen’s (328 W 200 S): they’ve been blowing minds lately with the introduction of the “croliner” (croissant Berliner custard donut). This crazy-good creation is comparable to the cronuts of NYC fame, but we’re willing to bet it’s even better.” Take a look at the whole article here. also came up with the list of their favorite donut places, but they took it up a notch further by classifying their favorite donut according to its type. For them the Best Filled Donuts are the ones being served at Schmidt’s Bakery. “Schmidt’s Bakery is a long-standing favorite in Salt Lake City. While normally we pick up a pastry or cookie there, Schmidt’s also serves some seriously delicious raspberry-filled, powder-sugar coated doughnuts. While some fruit filling can taste processed or have the consistency of gelatin, Schmidt’s doughnut filling tastes straight out of a jar of homemade jam.” This article is continued here.

When craving for donuts, Salt Lake City, Utah is definitely a great place to explore. With the many local bakeries, donut places, and hole-in-the-walls that can be found in the city, one’s donut craving will definitely get satisfied.

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The Quest for Salt Lake City’s Most Mouth-Watering Hamburger

Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a great place to spend a weekend in whether one is travelling alone, travelling with a loved one, the whole family, or with friends.

The many attractions that this city in Utah offers will definitely ensure that the weekend will turn out to be a jam-packed but happy couple of days that have been well-spent.

Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Salt Lake City

For first timers, a place that should not be missed is the Great Salt Lake. “Clocking in at approximately 1,700 square miles, the Great Salt Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River. The lake’s name comes from the nature of the water: The evaporation process (the only exit available for the lake’s water) leaves behind salty mineral deposits. Salt Lake City’s visitors and residents enjoy the area’s many hiking trails, ample picnic spots and boating and fishing opportunities. According to recent visitors, the Great Salt Lake is also excellent for swimming and for spotting wildlife – including bison – on the way to the park.” Check out the continuation of this article here.

Tips for Family Trips meantime published a list of things to do for families when visiting SLC. For young families, it recommended touring the Wheeler Farm. “This free urban farm is especially good for younger families. Wheeler Farm is a working farm and visitors are welcome to visit the cows, horses, chickens, pigs, sheep and other farm animals during daylight hours. There is a fee for activities like wagon rides, milking the cows, house tours and for special events. This 19th century farm has been preserved at 6351 South 900 East.” Read about the other recommended attractions here. meantime described Salt Lake City, Utah as one of the most affordable cities to tour within the United States. Skiing is one of its suggested activities for a weekend in the city. “You’ll notice Utah’s license plates lay claim to “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” at least when they’re not covered in snow. It’s one hell of a boast, but science says hear ‘em out. Downhill skiers favor a particular kind of middle-wet snow that blends the better qualities of dry powder and heavier snowpack. As storms move east from the Pacific, through the mountains, and then across the Great Salt Lake, the conditions align for huge dumps of perfect snow to absolutely plaster Salt Lake City’s ski resorts. Of which there are no fewer than 11 within an hour of the airport, four of which are world-class.” The continuation of this article can be found here.

When visiting Salt Lake City over a weekend, one must definitely try the above-mentioned activities.

Where to find the best donuts in Salt Lake City

The Quest for Salt Lake City’s Most Mouth-Watering Hamburger

Salt Lake City can be a haven for Hamburger lovers with the many burger joints that offer savory beefy goodness at every bite.

About Travel came up with a list of Burger places in Salt Lake City that are worth all the calories. The Copper Onion is one of their recommended spots. “The Copper Onion is consistently one of SLC’s most acclaimed restaurants, and they serve up a big, flavorful burger with caramelized onions and red wine sauce on a substantial house-made bun, with hearty potato wedges on the side.” Check out the continuation of this article here.

The Quest for Salt Lake City’s Most Mouth-Watering Hamburger meantime has a comprehensive list of burger joints in the area and its over-all bet is Lucky 13. “The fresh buns, good-quality patties and fresh greens pushed these generously portioned burgers to the top of the list. The basic hamburger costs $6.50 and comes with fries, while the gourmet burgers will cost up to $10. If you decide you need a gargantuan burger, it will set you back $17, but I can’t recommend chomping down on 28 ounces of ground chuck. Smoked bacon, barbecue sauce, caramelized onions and cheddar top the Celestial Burger that is truly delicious. The Breath Enhancer may leave you with garlic breath the rest of the day, but it is the price you pay to enjoy the homey flavors of garlic and rosemary.” Check out the rest of the article here.

Dining in Utah was also all praises about the burgers in Lucky 13. “What sets this apart from other bars is their focus on really great burgers, and under $10 to boot. And that includes fries and the tax! It has been written that no matter what the fixings, the burger should support a “visceral delight.” And Lucky 13’s does! These 7 ounces of never-frozen ground chuck are served on local Stoneground buns with plenty of mixed greens and more. Some of the burgers to try are: the Celestial burger which comes with smoked bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce or the Big Benny which touts double the meat and double the cheese. I’ll start my diet tomorrow. I have had the ‘Breath Enhancer’ Garlic Burger twice now, It is fabulous!” Read the continuation of this article here.

The website Female Foodie also published its top ten list of best burger places in SLC. Lucky 13 again made it to the list. “Lucky 13 has been a Salt Lake City staple for years and there’s good reason for it! Located just a block west of Smith’s Ballpark, they’re constantly busy filled with loyal SLC customers looking to break ground on some of their delicious (and huge) beef patties. Our pick: the Celestial Burger. It’s a large beef patty served with house-smoked bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and house barbecue sauce. Make sure to bring your ID for this one! #nomnomnom.” Know about the other burger places that made it to the list here.

In its official website, Lucky 13 described the burgers that they make. “Our Burgers Are Cooked Medium with a Hot, Pink Center, Unless Ordered Well Done. Lucky 13 Burgers are 7oz of Fresh 100% Local Ground Chuck. Our Bacon is Smoked In-House Daily with Hickory and Apple wood. Our Breads and Buns are Baked Fresh Daily.”

When in search for the best burgers in Salt Lake City, Lucky 13 should definitely be one of the best places to check out.

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Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Salt Lake City