Where to Find the Best Donuts in Salt Lake City

When one is craving for insanely delicious donuts, Salt Lake City is definitely a place to explore. With the many donut shops in the area, one is bound to find the donut that they have long been searching for in terms of taste and flavor.

Where to find the best donuts in Salt Lake CityI Live Donuts has a list of top donut destinations to eat at. Beyond Glaze donuts is among their list of top five donut places to explore in SLC. “The Salt Lake City outpost of this small Utah chain has the same commitment to “celebrating life through food” as the other locations. The donuts at Beyond Glaze are consistently tasty and also beautifully decorated and presented (after all, the owners started out as wedding cake makers many years ago), which make them a perfect treat for baby and wedding showers, office get-togethers, or birthday parties. Local favorites include bacon maple, s’mores, royal mint, and coconut creme. If you really fall in love with their donuts you can even open up your own franchise location.” Read about the four other donut shops in their list here.


Newscastic.com also has its share of recommended donut shops to check out. Vosen’s is one of the donut places that they are betting on. “This legendary German bakery just moved to a pretty new location in Downtown Salt Lake. And that’s not the only new thing at Vosen’s (328 W 200 S): they’ve been blowing minds lately with the introduction of the “croliner” (croissant Berliner custard donut). This crazy-good creation is comparable to the cronuts of NYC fame, but we’re willing to bet it’s even better.” Take a look at the whole article here.

KSL.com also came up with the list of their favorite donut places, but they took it up a notch further by classifying their favorite donut according to its type. For them the Best Filled Donuts are the ones being served at Schmidt’s Bakery. “Schmidt’s Bakery is a long-standing favorite in Salt Lake City. While normally we pick up a pastry or cookie there, Schmidt’s also serves some seriously delicious raspberry-filled, powder-sugar coated doughnuts. While some fruit filling can taste processed or have the consistency of gelatin, Schmidt’s doughnut filling tastes straight out of a jar of homemade jam.” This article is continued here.

When craving for donuts, Salt Lake City, Utah is definitely a great place to explore. With the many local bakeries, donut places, and hole-in-the-walls that can be found in the city, one’s donut craving will definitely get satisfied.

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